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Dental Examination

New Patient Special

Full Dental Examination incl. 2 x-rays  from just £59.00

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Dental Examinations

At Peninsula Dentists, our team are dedicated to long term preventative dental care for the whole family. As a new patient, the first appointment we’d like to arrange for you is a New Patient Examination. 


This appointment will involve you completing a Medical History Form, followed by X-rays (if necessary) and a thorough dental examination of the health of your gums, teeth and mouth.


We will also take the time to get to know you and to discuss any treatment preferences or concerns you may have with your smile.


We advise all our patients to regularly come and see our team for routine dental check-ups and hygiene visits (usually every 6 months) as this will contribute to your overall oral health and prevent future dental concerns.

Peninsula Dentists Greenwich

Peninsula Dentists Treatments


Dental Hygiene

At Peninsula Dentists, we offer high quality hygiene therapy sessions, we will care for your dental health in the most gentle, thorough and pleasant manner. 




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Dental Implants

Get dental implants in Greenwich from your local professionals.

We fit the latest in titanium implants, which encourage healthy bone tissue growth after fitting. Perfect for single tooth replacement, or as the foundation of bridges or dentures.





The teeth whitening laser technique we use for teeth whitening is completely safe, with absolutely zero tooth enamel erosion or harm to your gums.




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